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Name:tamar the great
Birthdate:Oct 25
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
this is palmaceae from livejournal and unless fandom has a mass migration, that's probably where i'll stay. i just decided to get a journal here to chill with the cool kids and maybe duplicate my lj content, and who can give up the opportunity to register one of those names that usually is never, ever available? i might register palmaceae here too though, i really like that name. oh, the choices, the choices.

i'm too lazy to figure out how to use DW, i lost my ability to code basic html years ago, and i haven't opened photoshop in a six months. yeah, doesn't this blog look fantabulous?

within the last week i have:
- started watching bones
- skipped class
- stalked david duchovny
- acted crazy in an ineffectual attempt to get rid of a guy chasing after me
- forgotten more than one really important due date
- bought fake guns and removed the orange safety tips

welcome to my life.

oh, and now this account functions as my super official short script analysis blog, complete with my rantings against MARCEL DUCHAMP and why everyone should be watching sci fi television! *waves fist* OMG I totally want to start a fight with an art history major now.

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aaron carter's party,, angel, arrested development, avril does it better, bad writing on dexter, bashing george lucas, big love, bill henrickson's serious issues, bitching about canceled shows, californication, chaim potok, chris carter on his good days, conservatives, constantine, cursing in farsi, dana scully, david duchovny, david hyde pierce, dead like me, dennis prager, dexter, etsy, farscape, film criticism, firefly, fox mulder, frank spotnitz is adorable, frasier, futurama, hank moody's spectacular ass, i want to believe, intentional bad!fic, international jewish conspiracy, it's britney bitch, janeway pwning chakotay, john/aeryn, joss whedon, julian bashir, kicking pseudo intellectual arse, landmark education, lara flynn boyle, lilah morgan, little green men, little shop of horrors, los angeles, michael bluth, michael shanks is hot, mulder makes me smoulder, mulder's sideburns, mulder/scully, muppets, not so grim reapers, not studying, orthodox judaism, palm trees, peeling vegetables, photography, procrastination, republicans, rick/evie, say goodbye to these!, screenwriting, skinner saving the day, stalking david duchovny in beverly hills, star trek, star trek voyager, star wars, stargate sg-1, stephen colbert's eyebrows, stfu jj abrams, taking over the world, the beatles, the colbert report, the matrix, the mummy, the mummy returns, the practice, the secret lives of polygamists, the strangely attractive keanu reeves, the x-files, there is no spoon, to move it, ucla, walter freaking skinner, wannabe film major, wesley wyndam-pryce, wesley/lilah, wikipedia, zombies
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