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Two Men and a Wardrobe - This film was so nonsensical. I get that the story was about two men who don't fit into society and are treated badly because of it, but the addition of the surreal elements of the sea and wardrobe ruined it for me. On the other hand, I can see how the wardrobe is an attempt to take an old topic and make it fresh again, or maybe Polanski was really into surrealism (if that's even the right term for this). I wouldn't be surprised if writer of The Red Balloon based his script on this, especially as the scene with the child not being allowed on the trolley/train seems to be a direct homage to the scene where the two men are not allowed on the trolley/train with the wardrobe. NIce image of the men going back into the sea, like I said in class, very reminiscent of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

I have seen them riding seaward on the waves
Combing the white hair of the waves blown back
When the wind blows the water white and black.

(And a really helpful hint to all students: I know very little poetry, but Prufrock is one of my favorite poems and I've learned if you go around spouting references to it you sound amazingly academic and well read. Go memorize the entire thing, and The Wasteland too while you're at it.)

Obligatory comment on the homoerotic nature of the two men's relationship, although I'm perfectly happy to chalk it off to European behavior, since it's very likely that their behavior was not considered gay in Poland in the 1950's. (See: Middle Eastern customs of men holding hands versus American customs). Or possibly the film is commenting upon how male homosexuality is not tolerated in mainstream society with the wardrobe being the gay closet these two affectionate men have come out of.

I don't understand why this film is considered to be such a masterpiece - exactly what did it accomplish in terms of anything? Why is it famous?

The Morning Guy - Hey, if this film made it into a film festival despite its technical flaws, then so can I. Color correction is your best friend.

I though the man was a really great actor, he delivered his lines so perfectly, and the dialogue was very well written. It sounded exactly like a radio show in the morning. The only thing that irritated me was why did he drive his wife away? Did he do it on purpose? Was he trying to get rid of her? Why? And if he simply couldn't help himself, then why didn't he seem more upset once she had left? Does the character know something that is never revealed to the audience, such as this happens all the time and the wife will come back? I wish the man's motivations had been made more clear, because then this would have been a truly fun and intriguing script for me.
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