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Nov. 12th, 2009 01:10 am
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Gridlock - This short wasn't bad at all! The twist at the end is fantabulous, and the pacing and buildup of the story is very well done. The director strategically withholds information from both the audience and the father by having the father on hold as the little girl goes to do his bidding, and having the little girl take her sweet time telling the story of what happened. An older person would have gotten back on the phone screaming, "He's dead, Jim," and only a little kid could realistically stretch out the story that long.

I didn't like the fact that both the 'uncle' and mother died by accident within minutes of each other. Highly implausible, and kind of ruined the short for me. I'm all for suspension of disbelief, but as this short is supposed to take place in a real world setting with a semi serious tone, I have limits on number of people randomly dying within 5 minutes. If this had been a horror, comedy or even a sci fi, then that number would have been much higher. Also, the nudity was rather unnecessary and tasteless - it added nothing to the film other than cheap "shock" value. The story would have played exactly the same had the mother held a shirt over her breasts as she ran instead of having them exposed. Don't get me started - gratuitous (read: most) sex and nudity in film and tv holds a special place on my top 10 list of "Things that Cause My Blood Pressure to Rise." If you really want to hear more about my thoughts on this, I have an 8 page paper devoted to the topic of sex on tv and how tv shows don't require sexual content to be wildly popular hits ("Bitch please, I Love Lucy IS STILL IN SYNDICATION.")

I think the song at the end was a bit too much. It was very helpful in informing the audience as to what had really happened, which was a bit confusing - I originally thought that the daughter was in someone else's home and the father was thinking "How am I going to find her with her mother and Wim dead?" - but the song cleared that up fast. However, the tone of the song felt completely off to me - it was very silly and childish, and almost obnoxiously shoved the answer of 'wrong number' into your face.


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