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New York Stories continued
  • Life Without Zoe - I don't understand the title of this movie. Life With Zoe makes more sense, unless they're referring to the fact that the parents live life without Zoe. Very cute piece obviously based on the Eloise series (god, I LOVED those books) that spirals out of control by the end, which oddly enough works as this is a children's fantasy piece. Thus, it make sense that there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that her parents reconcile and her mother takes an interest in Zoe's life. I loved the way the short satirized the socialite life of New Yorkers through the little girls that dressed and acted just like obscenely wealthy adults. The return of the jewel earring is a blatant plot device that felt unnecessary to me - I don't see how the movie would have been much different without it. I feel like the movie comes of as self indulgent due to a bit of a long winded script - they could have easily cut ten minutes - and a plot that felt almost childishly simplistic at some points and undefineably vague at other points. After watching the movie, I can totally envision Coppola and Sofia chilling together and randomly deciding to write some script based on Sofia's child fantasies with high production values and extravagent costumes. I did enjoy the movie, but there is something missing from it for me. I think that something is a more tightly woven storyline. Lol at the last scene where the father is playing flute in front of what looks like a cheesy backdrop and for some reason it makes me laugh to know that the actor is SO not playing that flute.
  • Oedipus Wrecks - BEST. TITLE. EVER. I'm running out and renting every movie Woody Allen has ever made. Which so doesn't excuse the fact that he's a sick perv for marrying Mia Farrow's daughter, but whatever, I admit to still watching Roman Polanski movies (MACBETH FTW). The casting was amazing. Woody Allen is a fantastic actor. Great stab at fake psychics with Treva!! I only have one quibble about this movie, but it's a huge one: the movie should have ended right after the mother ended up in the sky, with Sheldon realizing that his mother will be watching and nagging him from the heavens forever. A much more climactic and psychologically devastating ending in my opinion than getting engaged to a woman just like his mother, even if that relates better to the title. Plus, the movie just seemed to drag on and on for no good reason after that point. Again, I point to a script that meanders all over the place, like a ball of tightly woven yarn that the cat is dragging around and unraveling. I was wondering what genre this piece would be considered, maybe magical realism or just pure fantasy? This movie makes for a fascinating analysis of Sheldon's goal, wants and needs. Goal: to get married. Wants: to be free of his mother. End reveal: Needs - his mother, or a woman like her.
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